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Stern rail set to fit the LS models

 stern rail set to fit the LS models

NEW!, stern rail set to fit the LS models.  Approximate dimensions are 52" on the long side, 17" on the short side, with a height of 10".  Has 2 rod holders on each side for a total of 4 for the set.  Comes completely welded, with mounting hardware included.  Sells for $595.00.




Carolina Skiff Rails

Carolina Skiff Stern Rail From Blue Water Marine Products in Monroe, North Carolina

This stern rail set has (2) rod holders per side, (4) total.  It's completely welded and is built with the same high-quality anodized aluminum pipe that our T-Tops are.  The approximate dimensions are 42" on the long side and 17" on the shorter side, with a height of 10".  It is made to fit the DLV 198, 218, and 238 models built between 2014 to 2019.   The set sells for $550.00.





Carolina Skiff Hero 4; Blue Water Marine Products in Monroe, NC
This T-Top is designed for the Skiff DLV 198, 218, and 238 models with the standard console,  (year 2014 to current).  The T-Top is completely welded for maximum strength and is built from the highest quality anodized aluminum material available in the marine industry.  The standard T-Top comes with 6 rod holders, side handrails, LED anchor light, welded-in plates to mount antennas, and your choice of Sunbrella color for the top canvas.  The deluxe T-top is the exact same top as the standard one with the addition of a fiberglass radio box, with route tubes to run all the wiring down through the legs.   And, it also includes 2 LED spreader lights, one forward and one aft.




Carolina Skiff Products DLV Rod Rack; Blue Water Marine Products in Moonroe, NC


The rod rack is a compact set of 4 rod holders to be mounted ahead of your motor.  These tulip-style rod holders also lean back and are flared out to spread your lines.  The dimensions are approximately 35" wide and 10" high.  The rod rack sells for $395.00.  It's another great way to gain the use of 4 more rod holders.




Carolina Skiff Products Bow Rails; Blue Water Marine Products in Monroe, NC


The split bow rail is built using 1" schedule 40 pipe, measuring 1 1/4" in diameter.  It is completely welded, and when installed, is an extremely strong bow rail.   The dimensions are approximately 80" in length and 7 1/2" at the highest point, tapering down slightly towards the aft.  However, if your Skiff has a trolling motor mounted off-center, this split bow rail will not work for you.  The split bow rail sells for $590.00 and is pick up only.




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